A private independent entity for research, legal created in 2003 year, with IT&C planning and consultancy component, as financial resource for the research program named:

Global Science Unified Pattern


ETC's main areas of activities:

I. Research
Accomplishment of GLOBSCI program on the components

  • Consolidation of results obtained up to present
  • Elaboration of new/unconventional theory on the physics spaces
  • Elaboration of new/unconventional theory on inner structure of the particles
  • Elaboration of new/unconventional theory on thermal energy
  • Elaboration of new theory on Proton structure as first cell in the Nature
  • Elaboration of new/unconventional IS-GSU system
  • Elaboration of new theory on kinetic resonance disturbances of the six physics spaces at live cells, with application on genetic mutations, cancer cells, immunity systems, cardio-vascular diseases, cell aging, etc.
  • New/unconventional energy sources, based on GSU concepts
  • Control of Global Warming, based on GSU
  • Control of atmosphere disturbances: hurricanes, tornadoes, based on GSU
  • New eco-technologies for the cold industry
  • New materials with superior mechanic, thermal and electrical performances
  • Elaboration of new theory on superconductivity and nanotechnology
  • New eco-technologies for the irrigation industry and the fight against floods
  • New eco-technologies for the buildings and residences industry
  • New eco-technologies for the transport industry
  • New eco-technologies for the agricultural industry
  • Creation of "on line" unconventional scientific engineering review
  • Making a scientific/educational film on the new knowledge obtained from the unconventional research
  • passing from conventional/stationary to innovative/dynamic education in Europe

II. IT&C Planning & Consultancy

  • Optical Cable Systems (aerial and underground of any type)
  • Optical Transmission (SDH and PDH nodes of any type or capacity)
  • Switching Telecommunication Systems (any type and capacity)
  • Data Networking (any type and capacity)
  • Radio-link Systems (any type, capacity or frequency band)
  • Trunked and TETRA Radio Networks
  • Wireless Systems (any type or frequency band)
  • Transmission System for intelligent/automatic HT substations (PLC or/and "direct-in-fibre"

Welcome to ETC


Sf. Elefterie Street, 15
050523, Bucharest, ROMANIA


Phone: +4-021-4108345
Fax: +4-021-4108345
Dr. Tiberiu Somacescu
General Manager

Mr. Iulian Somacescu
Research Manager


I. Research

  • Discovery of fundamental quantum and gravitational particles from the Planck's experiments
  • Establishing of characteristics of both the quantum and the gravitational physics spaces
  • Establishing the inner structure of quantum particles
  • Elaboration the new IS-GSU unified system
  • Discovery of resonance speed in the gravitational physics space, from the Smithe's measurements
  • Discovery of two new resonance speeds in the quantum physics space, from the Sommerfeld's measurements
  • Expression of electromagnetic measures (Coulomb, Ampere, Volt, Farad, Henry, Siemens, Ohm, etc.), with only three IS-GSU unified energy dimensions: kilogramme, metre, second
  • Discovery the K degree essence, as being "the molar energy density", expressed with Joule/mol or calory/mol
  • Establishing the refraction indexes into the both gravitational and quantum physics spaces
  • Establishing the refraction indexes inner the quantum particle-kinetic clusters (neutron, electron, proton)
  • Establishing the refraction index inner thermal physics space toward electrons (superconductivity)
  • Establishing of theoretical and practical possibilities for to obtain energy from kinetic molecular movements
II. IT&C Planning & Consultancy
  • Projects & specification for 146 optical cable systems
  • Projects & specification for 124 optical SDH/PDH nodes
  • Projects & specification for 110 switching systems
  • Projects & specification for 27 data networking
  • Projects & specification for 86 radio-link systems
  • Projects & specification for 22 trunked networks
  • Projects & specification for 14 wireless systems
  • Projects & specification for 36 transmission systems for automatic HT substations (PLC and/or OF)

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